To be a leader you must get people to believe in you. To do that you must believe in yourself. For leaders are not born, they are made.
Life Long Skills and Knowledge

Welcome to Future Leader of America! Future Leader's programs are designed to help you, the teenager. We want to give you the ability to overcome some of today's challenges while preparing you for a successful future that allows you to reach your goals. We do this through education of certain subjects and working with you to instill intangible traits such as confidence, discipline and self-direction.

​We are passionate in helping America's youth and we know you have other options to choose from in helping you shape your future. We know that we are unique in our style of training, but we also know that it is effective, motivating and extremely rewarding. Traits such as confidence can only be improved by challenging you and teaching you how to overcome those challenges. Once conquered, your confidence will increase to great heights.







Physical Fitness


Each morning we start the day with a physical fitness event. Each day is different, we aim to teach you different exercises that you can use at home alone. No need to belong to a gym if you are unable to do so.

Health & Wellness


Today, Americans rely more and more on fast-foods and convenient packaged foods. Much of this is contributing to obesity and other health conditions. We will educate you so that you can make informed decisions of what you put in your body.


Training Day

College Preparation


Future Leaders need to know how to plan academically throughout high school years, budget and apply to the school they need.

How To Apply For A Job


The job search and application process can be a difficult task. As a Future Leader we will ensure that you know how to find that dream job, properly apply so that you get noticed and be sure you know how to create an effective resume that will get you that vital interview. Additionally, we will teach you how to dress to impress. You only get one chance at that first impression.



If you think Future Leader is all work and no play...

Think again.

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